The Laneway Project is a not-for-profit corporation. We are a team of passionate city builders with expertise in planning, urban design, architecture, landscape design, communications, research, community engagement and public policy.


Meet Our Team

Ariana Cancelli, BA MPl  | Co-Founder and Director

Ariana is an urban planner and community engagement specialist who is focused on building healthy, sustainable and economically viable cities and communities. Her skill set includes urban planning, community and stakeholder engagement, facilitation and communications.


Michelle Senayah, HBAS MUDS LEED AP SEED |  Co-Founder and Director

Michelle is an urban designer who is passionate about the public realm and what happens in it. She works collaboratively with designers and planners, community members, municipal staff, students and politicians to plan, design and implement projects and policies that redefine how we think about and use our public space.


Filip Filipovic, BA (Hons) MPl | Planner

Filip is an urban planner with a keen interest in animating Toronto’s neglected public spaces through community-based placemaking initiatives. He is contributing to the development of several laneway activations across the city to change how people experience and engage with laneways as public space. 


Katrina Afonso, BA | Digital Communications

Katrina is a digital communications professional with a passion for political science and grass roots projects. An avid Toronto photographer, she is focused on fostering the laneway community through master planning sessions and by using innovative technologies to bring new ideas to the local conversation. 

Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created for everybody.
— Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities


  • Yvonne Bambrick, Executive Director of the Forest Hill Village BIA, Event Photographer, and Author of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide
  • Ariana Cancelli, Co-Founder of The Laneway Project and Urban Planner at Canadian Urban Institute
  • Jacquelyn Daley, Land-Use Planner, McCarthy Tétrault’s Real Property & Planning Group
  • Andrew Peek, Managing Director, The Junction Company
  • Michelle Senayah, Co-Founder of The Laneway Project, Co-Founder & Programming Director of Open Streets TO, Principal at Senayah Design

Advisory Committee

The Laneway Project is supported by an Advisory Committee, including experts from the Toronto business, environmental, development and non-profit sectors. 

  • Stewart Chisholm, Toronto-based urban planner and community engagement specialist
  • Brandon Donelly, Development Manager, CAPREIT
  • Jode Roberts, Communications, David Suzuki Foundation