Why we do this?

Laneways have a huge amount of untapped potential. While currently acting primarily as service corridors, when planned and designed effectively they can be an integral and multi-purpose part of our public realm. Laneways can provide extensive cultural, economic, social, health and environmental benefits. They can play a role in creating engaging, lively and richly textured places where people want to live, work and visit.

Improvements to laneways can provide:

  1. Increased walkability and connectivity
  2. New venues for community events and entertainment
  3. Increased space for informal physical activity
  4. New public and green spaces close to home
  5. A canvas for public art and interventions
  6. Unique destinations
  7. Patios
  8. Pop-up shops and micro-business opportunities
Back alleys, neglected courtyards, and stairways may escape our notice…yet if they are claimed, and owned, and developed, they can be harnessed to strengthen and enrich their communities.
— (Placemaking and the Future of Cities, Project for Public Spaces, 2012; p.1)