• We nurture  laneway project ideas and help bring them to life. 
  • We develop master plans, laneway greening projects, pop-up laneway activations and more to demonstrate what is possible in Toronto's laneways.


  • We manage contracts, complete project approvals, and manage contractors and finances.

planning policy development:

  • We work with City Hall staff to ensure that individual laneway revitalizations are integrated with Toronto’s city-wide network of laneways and more general public realm improvements. This includes planning policy, landscape and environmental priorities.

planning resource development:

  • We develop public planning resources to empower Torontonians to undertake their own laneway transformation projects.
What defines a character of a city is its public space, not its private space.
— UN-HABITAT Executive Director Joan Clos i Matheu (Placemaking and the Future of Cities, Project for Public Spaces, 2012; p.1)